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Crowdfunded Movies to Make A Difference!

Chris Ross Las Vegas, United States
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Our Vision

CNC Movie Factory produces movies that help to motivate and make a difference in people's lives. We are the first Non-Profit Movie Company in CA and want your help to make a big difference in the way movies are produced. We believe that we can successfully make the first Crowdfunded movie where our backers have the chance to shape the movie and experience every step of the process along the way!

What We Need & What You Get

We know how to make successful movies that our audiences will support! Our website has some great examples of this. Our goal with this project is to create "Your" movie, the way you want to experience it!

What we need from our backers is a show of commitment to this idea that a movie can be about and for the people who help produce it!

We are offering several different backer levels and perks so that everyone can become a part of this journey and have a say in revolutionizing the way movies are made.

The Impact

Over the past few years, we have watched as some of the most successful and organic growth happen during the crowdfunding campaigns for not only video games but also innovative products!

We believe that the time to right for our audiences to have that same amazing experience within the movie industry. If we are successful it could spawn a literal revolution in how movies are created and give the audiences exactly what they want! We hope you can see our passion and commitment to creating something truly different.

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