The Butterfly Guard

The Butterfly Guard is a story of two martial artists who find themselves fighting their toughest battles before ever facing each other in the cage. Brad (Scottie Epstein) has followed his dreams to Los Angeles to become a successful mma fighter even if sacrificing a normal life to do so by living out of his car. Half way across the world, the man he will face next (Michael Worth) on his way to a belt, has already sacrificed everything but his soul to the game and now wanders the streets of Thailand a broken champion. These two men will have to find everything they have lost in their lives first before they can win back something in the cage waiting for them ahead.

Catfish Blues

A 90 year old eccentric woman befriends a teenage boy searching for lost animals. As the adventure unfolds so does the life of two very different generations.

Starring: Max Tadman, Tim Thomerson, Lois Stewart

Runtime: 1 hour, 35 minutes

Las Vegas Pop Culture Expo

LV Pop Culture Expo is a convention where all things pop culture reign supreme. Come join us and other enthusiasts for a weekend of fun! Check out exhibitors’ wares, play video games, dress up as your favorite pop culture characters and pay homage to your favorite comic book/tv show/movie/video game/sport/band.

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